Blood Irradiator

Mainly used for blood irradiation Gammacell® 1000 and 3000 equipment are considered the "gold standard" in countless clinics around the world; in Romania there are five machines that work without problems at the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Timisoara Children's Hospital, Targu Mures County Clinical Hospital and Iasi Regional Institute of Oncology.

All cellular components of blood have been mentioned in reported cases of TA-GVHD (Graft versus Host Disease). This syndrome developed after transfusions of whole blood, red blood cells, platelets, non-engineered plasma and leukocytes collected from normal donors as well as from those with chronic leukemia. Current medical practice recommends the use of irradiated blood for patients with immune system problems.

Gammacell® equipment is safe and easy to use in any conventional hospital or laboratory environment without the need for special facilities (bunker).

The monitoring and control system follows the irradiation process and confirms canister rotation, irradiation time and product positioning via the easy-to-use control panel. This control panel can be password-protected on different access levels so that access to the use of the equipment is limited depending on the duties of each operator.

The Gammacell® irradiator can be equipped with a barcode reader, ISBT-128 and other labels transmitting various information to the collection centre. It can also be accessorized for research purposes.