The Huestis•Cascade™ simulator is recognised worldwide for accurate, safe and affordable simulation. It is easy to install, and thanks to its special design it does not need special room and floor changes. The operating system up-to-date combines versalitty with an impressive range of features. The operator control panel is easy to use and very flexible. Asymmetrical or symmetrical field lines provide easy-to-select positioning, precise positioning and calibration software facilitates settings and maintenance.

Radiotherapy teams from all over the world rely on Huestis Medical’s product because of its excellent quality / price ratio.
The Huestis•Cascade™ simulator is CE certified and FDA registered.

Radiotherapy Shielding Block Cutting System


  • Manual cutting produces smooth, precise cuts with minimal operator training
  • Precise cutting saves time and material
  • Verification lamp included

Compu•cutter® III

  • Four- axis computerized cutting provides ± 1 mm accuracy
  • Build-in controls minimize operator error and reduce time consumption
  • Allows outline review on monitor
  • Drawing function allows easy image manipulation and correction
  • Can simulate the cutting path before cutting the actual block
  • All functionms and settings are fully computer controlled