Our company offers treatment plan systems produced by Prowess Inc.

Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is a treatment plan system designed to improve efficiency in oncology and radiology departments by proving added value to the health care environment that expects to reduce costs and increase productivity without sacrificing the level of quality patient care.

The competitive advantage of the Panther 3D Conformal Therapy system is it using on the Windows® platform. Users can generate treatment plans very quickly thanks to the familiar Windows® platform and its intuitive interface.
We recognise today’s financial realities so Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed modularly and offers the possibility for future upgrades.

Thanks to its affordable price, efficient training and prompt technical support, Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is the best solution for all your treatment planning needs.

Also, depending on your requirements we can offer other types of treatment planning systems.