ICCO Medical offers cobalt therapy equipment for cancer treatment manuctured by Best® Theratronics Canada. The Canadian manufacturer is recognised worldwide for Theratron® treatment systems that use Cobalt-60 sources with over 50 years of experience in the field with over 1500 Theratron® equipment installed worldwide.

The Theratron® Equinox™ equipment  is the newsest member of the Theratron® equipment line and the most advanced teletherapy system on the market. The equipment features a multilamellar collimator, monitorized filters and Avanza treatment table, providing complex treatment techniques and reduced patient treatment time. The equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standard and complies with all international IEC Standards.

Cobalt-60 sources have a half-life of 5.3 years. Romanian legislation requires that after 10 years the sources must be changed.

ICCO Medical offers services for taking back and decommissioning for obsolete, used sources and their replacement with new ones produced by Best® Theratronics Canada. For this purpose, our company has all the necessary authorisations as well as the only professional team in the country authorized by both the Romanian authorities and the Canadian manufacturer for this purpose.

ICCO Medical has all the necessary resources to dismantle cobalt therapy equipment, working exclusively with the manufacturer. In this way, the decommissioning process is carried out in the safest conditions, as the cobalt sources are shipped to Canada (and will not be stored/decommissioned in our country).